What others are saying about them ...

"I got my 3D lashes. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! I've never seen anything like it. I admit I was a little hesitant at first but then I used them & now I swear by them"

"I never leave home without it! I might forget my cell phone, like I did the other day..but never my 3D Lashes." - A.P.

"I stopped wearing makeup because I thought it didn't do much good anyway. I used to hop in the shower and slap on makeup and be out the door in 20 minutes when I did. I then heard about YOUNIQUE and thought I would give it a try as the older I got the thinner my lashes became. I signed up to sell it and when my kit came I was so excited to see the difference in my lashes. I got so excited that I started posting on facebook about my new find. 3D mascara. Now I take pride in getting my "Younique On". It now takes me 30 min or more to put on makeup because I love each and every item the product line has. No more blemishes, I have not had a skin breakout in the 3 months since starting Younique! Love the product!!" C.F.

I finally tried the lashes. I am dying. So awesome! N.T.

Thank you for my eye lashes and blush. I love it and feel so much better using organic makeup instead of Mac. The eyelashes look awesome...like fake eyelashes!!! Love them A.R.

I have used serums and lack the consistency and don't have the patience to know if they really work. I've tried extensions and they fell off on my pillow. Then, along came 3D Fiber Lashes and I knew I would be a customer for life. Easy to use, easy to remove. They take my lashes from alright to out of sight! I love them! S.M.

My "normal" lashes are so light and boring and then along came 3 fiber lashes and WOW. My eyes now stand out........ They are a great conversation starter. T.H.

I have short blond eyelashes and had to glob on mascara just to have my eyes stand out. The 3D Fiber Mascara made me see some beautiful eyes. 3D Fiber Mascara got me out of my winter blues and now I am ready to light that fire. It is all in the eyes of the beholder...Behold....I like what I see. - V.C.

I've always had long dark lashes but with the 3D fiber lashes it took them over the edge! Along with everything else I am getting told all the time how beautiful it all looks and that I should get contacts so my eyes aren't hidden behind my glasses! The entire line has given me an overall better feeling about myself and my looks! -SM

I have blonde eyelashes and I always use a ton of mascara. On a girls weekend we thought we would get fake lashes put on in a salon. Well to my horror I found out the hard and painful way I am allergic to eyelash glue. They all fell out. They did grow back but just not they same. I LOVE this mascara because now I have thick beautiful long lashes minus the swelling and whelps from eyelash glue. - AC